John O'Leary blues harmonica

Savoy Brown's Blues Band
- the 1st photo at Kilroy's, Battersea 1965

L/R Leo Mannings (drums), Ray Chappell (bass), Bryce Portious (vocal), John O'Leary (harp), Kim Simmonds (guitar)
Savoy Brown's Blues Band at Gun Wharf, Wapping Hiigh Street 1966

L/R  John O'Leary, Ray Chappell, Kim Simmonds, Bryce Portious, Leo Mannings, unknown pianist

L/R John O'Leary, Kim Simmonds, Bryce Portious, Leo Mannings, Ray Chappell & pianist

The John Dummjer Blues Band

L/R Bob Hall, Iain Thompson, John O'Leary, Dave Kelly
John Dummer Blues Band 1968 

L/R Jo Ann Kelly, Tony McPhee, John O'Leary

The Famous Blues Blasters at The Venue, Victoria, London (circa 1981) with Victor Brox , John Holmes,  Keith Tillman & Pete Bardens

Mainsqueeze at The Marquee's 25 Years Anniversary Celebration in 1983

Stretch (drums), Diana Wood, Keith Tillman,Victor Brox & Dick Heckstall-Smith

Mainsqueeze at Dingwall's, London  1983

John O'Leary (harp), Victor Brox (trumpet), Diana Wood (vocal), Dick Heckstall-Smith (tenor/soprano)  Below - with Eric Bell (guitar), Keef Hartley (drums)


Mainsqueeze 2 L/R Steve Washington (drums), Dave Moore (keys), Dick Heckstall-Smith (tenor / soprano), John O'Leary (harp), 
Reggie Worthy (vocals l/ bass), Tim Jones (guitar)

The John O'Leary Band - A Tribute To Junior Wells, London 2008

L/R Jules Fothergill (guitar), Lorna Fothergill (vocal), John O'Leary (harp), Joachim Greve (drums), Roger Inniss (bass), Jools Grudgings (keyboards)

The John O'Leary Band at Carlisle Blues Festival 2009

L/R  Dave Day (guitar), Wayne Proctor (drums), John O'Leary (vocal/harp), Roger Inniss (bass), Danny McCormack (keyboards)

John O'Leary Band - A Tribute To Junior Wells:

 John & Paul Lamb in 2010  & with Erja Lyytinen in 2011

John O'Leary - Alan Glen All Star Blues Revue
A Tribute To Cyril Davies & Alexis Korner at The Eel Pie Cluib with tenor giants Nick Newall & Art Theman

The John O'Leary - Alan Glen All Star Blues Revue at Boisdale's Canary Wharf, London

L/R  Papa George,, John O'Leary, Bob Hadrell, Nick Newall, Alan Glen, Pete Miles, Glyn Evans.

The Walter Trout Benefit Concert at The 02 Shepherd's Bush London May 4th 2014

L/R: Larry Miller (guitar), Jon Trout (guitar), Christina Skjolberg, John O'Leary (harp), Little Stevie Smith & Paul Cox (chatting), Andrew Elt (vocal), Danny Bryant (guitar).  Background: Peter Miles (drums), Glyn Evans (bass), Big Al Vincent (guitar)