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" the best harp player since Sonny Boy Williamson
Champion Jack Dupree - 1966

"....O'Leary was simply superb. Bearing down on the reeds with such powerful, precise tone on numbers such as 'Snatch It Back & Hold It' and 'Checking on My Baby', he lifted the performance to a higher level every tome he took the stage....a fitting testament to one man's enduring contribution to the blues"
The Times, London - 9th January 2008

"the harmonica the hands of such a player as O'Leary is as least as powerful as an electric guitar and still remains the instrument which gets closest to distilling the core of blues emotion"
 The Times, London -13th January 2011

"The second set leaped into action with Kenny Burrell's 'Chitlin Con Carne' before 'She's 19 Years Old' was considerably embellished with some beautiful mellow harp work"     
Blues In Britain Magazine - March 2011

"There are some shows that exceed all expectations and enter the category of unforgettable. This performance of John O'Leary & Sugarkane was a prime example of that rare performance...a truly memorable night"  
Blues In The North West - February 2014


John o'Leary blues harmonica..... since 1965!

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