John O’Leary & Pointblank BluesBand

 “As Blue As I Can Be”  CD ITMM Records,, Yugoslavia 

John O’Leary is from England and his band here is from Belgrade. It is my sad loss to say that I had never heard of John O’Leary until Dr. Project from Belgrade shot me some email saying that I needed to check him out.  Now, John is no young whipper snapper chillins, he appears to be around my age (50 years) and well worn round  the edges, but that is where the blues comes from.  When ya have been down that dusty lonely road and bagging enuff bad/hard times that would kill most people, you just plain dammed simply have got to play dem bluz!  John can blow and play the blues just fine thank you, and you would never know his band (here) is from Belgrade too…..John plays harmonica like an older Afro-American player from Detroit names Little Sonny, he has a very melodic way of playing, pleanty of ballsy tone but still with a light airy feel to it. I very much enjoy John’s seasoned roadhouse smooth voice, feeling and style……………..It satisfied my bluz cravings thoroughly. Check out both of the websites and send some American dollars over to England and bring the blues back home!...........Steve Harvell – July 2002