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John O'Leary Band 

Two For The Show

Trapeze CD

Here’s an album (well two, actually) giving a harp-led history of the British Blues movement from its infancy in the 1960’s right up to the present day. John O’Leary was, of course, a founder member of Savoy Brown; a band that bounced the weary old American Blues back across the Atlantic rejuvenated , taking the form from juke-joint to stadium. Savoy Brown weren’t the only ones - there were the Yardbirds, Rolling Stones and later Led Zeppelin amongst a host of other British worthies. Whilst most of us claim our moment in this sunlight of memory by narrating the bands we saw gigging at this time, John O’Leary was actually involved in the revolution. Not just involved but at the forefront. For this, we must pay huge respect as we must for his subsequent catalogue of work. So, what of this double-CD release? There is a studio CD ‘Sins’ including John O’Leary’s take on a number of standards as well as a personal retrospective – including Savoy Brown’s ‘I’m Tired’ which has always been a favourite of mine. The second CD is a Live recording from legendary ‘Mr. Kyps’ in Poole, Dorset. The collection amply demonstrates that John has lost none of his enthusiasm for playing and creating new arrangements. In the hands of The John O’Leary Band the musical form clearly shows its roots whilst demonstrating just how far it has evolved. This is a worthy addition to anyone’s CD shelves.